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Yagnopaveetam is worn by those who are entitled for wearing it. The entitlement comes through a ceremony called Upanayanam in the Hindus belonging to the varnas- Brahmana, Kshatriya and Vysya. The parents are supposed to perform this ceremony at a suitable age in the early child hood of their son. This would increase longevity of the child warding him off from the infantile mortality, giving him physical and mental strength through his worship of Sun God using Gayatri Mantra for which he would be initiated during his Upanayanam.

Yagnopaveetham is worn to purify oneself to attain the eligibility to perform his Nityakarmanushtanam and to perorm the Karmas prescribed in Vedas for his Varna.

Yagnopaveetam is not a permanent ornament. It may get soiled and it may lose its sanctity if one touches a woman in her monthly periods, or if he touches a corpse, or if he mourns for some dear one who passed away (Mrutaashoucahm) or if he is under tensive mind due to his kith and kin begetting a child (called Jaataashoucham} Under these conditions and before performing any Yagna one would change the Yagnopaveetam . Once a month, particularly on a New moon day, one has to change his Yagnopaveetam.

There is a mantra to be uttered at the time of changing the Yagnopaveetam.. The Mantra and its meaning are provided in the attachment yagnop.pdf file.

Interested readers may read it and get benefited by the same.
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Dr. N.V. Koteswara Rao


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Adobe Portable Document Format YAGNOP.pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format - 49k)
posted by Dr.NVKOTESWARRAO   Sep 15 2007, 4:47 PM EDT
This attachment contains the Mantra and its Sanskrit Vyakyana transltions in Telugu and in Engilish.